Petir source code

I’ve decided to release the source code of my magnum opus, my chess engine, Petir.

Since I have no longer interest in it anyway.

Feel free to do anything with it. Clone it, use it as your thesis, whatever. It’s not like anyone might interested to do that anyway, since there are much better open source chess engine available over the net.

Feel free to download:

The version is 4.39, which based on public rating list might be the strongest version available, and also several hundred elo point stronger than the one that I used as my final project for my undergraduate program at STTS. It should be above 2500 elo rating point, estimated, so this might be as strong as human grand master.

Latest work on it is on 2006 or 2007,  so this might be several years behind from latest techniques, but latest chess programming techniques perhaps just simply take strongest open source chess engine available (Komodo or strelka, I think), modify a few parameters, then proudly release it as your own work. Yeah, changing a few parameters is really that hard.

A little bit of history, I have developed it for about five years, since my second years at STTS.


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