Headphone Philips Fidelio L2

I seldom feeling the urge to rave about a headphone, but Phillips Fidelio L2 is an exception. It just simply amazing!! Who ever thought that Phillips, a company that commonly known for their home appliance products, could produce such a phenomenal audiophile grade headphone! It is simply much better than my entire headphone collection which including Beyer DT880, AudioTechnica M50, AD900, AKG K550, Sony MDR-1R.

The sound is incredibly rich, clear, and full of detail, pretty neutral across the spectrum. The bass hit hard with good quality and quantity. It might not satisfy bassheads, but it is just the right amount for me. And the mid, oh the mid is lush and luscious, fully bodied.The treble is clear and crispy but with no sign of sibilance at all. It extends very well to both spectrum, not rolled of in high as in MDR-1R.

Some people even compare it favorably against the legendary Sennheiser HD600/650 or Hifiman He500, but L2 doesn’t need expensive amplifier to sounds good, it runs good even from your smartphone! In terms of price per value performance, it might be the best of all as it only cost less than US$ 250, almost half of senns HD650. A real steal !!!

I am very happy with this one. Now I have to rediscover my entire music collection again, as I can hear sounds that I never able to heard before


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